Vanessa Chettle Opens Up About Lesbianism And Encourages Homosexuals


vanessa chettle

Vanessa Chettle is one of those chicks that has been accused of so many negative things but has nothing has ever put her down. Sometimes i think socialites ask for what they get. Its a price they are willing to pay to be popular. A price so high that it can even ruin your life your self esteen if not careful.

She has been accused of sleeping with Nick Mutuma, Model Ephy Saint among other celebrities. Sometimes i wonder how she still walks with her head held high after such accusations.But anyway people have different personalities. There was even a time she was accused of spreading HIV/AIDS all over Nairobi but those accusations were confirmed to be false.

So is Vanessa Chettle a Lesbian?

vanessa chatel1

This is a question that i too don’t know the answer. Just recently Vanessa was being interviewed on Kiss Tv. She talked about homosexuality in particular lesbianism. During the Show she said she wasn’t a lesbian and that she doesn’t judge lesbians. This statement contradicts her action because she has been caught on camera more than once kissing women. Is she playing her game on both sides or just doesn’t know what she wants?


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