Free the nipple

A woman’s nipple should NEVER be publicly exposed in public. Instagram has that rule too. Its called the NUDITY rule. On Instagram,Women are banned from posting photos that expose even the slightest part of their nipple. And if that rule is broken,Your Instagram account is disabled.

Celebrities including Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora have tried to protest the move in a futile movement called “FREE THE NIPPLE”. But,needless to say, it hasn’t worked.

The “FREE THE NIPPLE” campaign took a whole new turn when Hollywood Actress Scout Willis caused a stir when she strolled through the streets of New York TOPLESS in protest against Nipple-censorship rules in America. Her protest inspired tens of other Women to do the same in New York

A woman’s nipple is a highly provocative,sensitive and suggestive part of her body and it MUST always be kept hidden, covered up and private at all times. No matter who is showing it..How old she is,sickly or skinny.

And that’s what happens in Public Beaches and swimming pools and any such nudity-demanding settings. While Men can go really NAKED from Waist Up to the neck,Woman are always required to wear a bra or a piece of cloth that properly covers up the boob. And, most importantly, the nipple area. Yes,even little kids whose breasts have NOT matured are always required to cover up their breast area. Appropriately.

That’s a rule. A Worldwide rule. No Questions about it.


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