And ladies, he will not call you because he saw his photo on Facebook, neither will he send you Sh5,000 on M-pesa for his son’s school fees because you gave away his private mobile number on social media.

This week, something exciting happened on Facebook.

It was all about this new page called ‘Dead Beat Kenya’ that exposes men who sire children and don’t take care of them.

Jilted women posted photos of their ‘dead-beat’ baby daddies, their phone numbers and revealed gory details about their relationships.

Businessmen, corporate honchos, musicians and even a politician from central Kenya were among those exposed by baby mamas they “used and dumped” eons ago.

The complaints were rife. “He doesn’t pay rent”, “he doesn’t educate his children”, “he hasn’t paid dowry” and “he has another family”.

The comments from the group’s members were quite entertaining.

They encouraged the poor ladies to name and shame those baby daddies who sire children and abandon them.

They encouraged them to share more photos of the “man who eats chicken, yet his children eat like chicken and with chicken”.

I find ‘Dead Beat Kenya’ and all women who post their miseries on social media amusing. Let’s start from the beginning.

You met this man, dated him for a while, got pregnant and then he disappeared.

He left you with a child or children that you can barely take care of and you think the only way to revenge is by ‘exposing’ him on social media.

Wrong move, ma’am, it doesn’t work like that. He will not call you because he saw his unflattering photo on Facebook, neither will he send you Sh5,000 on M-pesa for his son’s school fees because you gave away his private mobile number on Facebook.


I don’t condone men who sire and leave their children for dead.

I don’t support men who live like kings as their children wallow in poverty.

In fact, I think they are nitwits.

Certainly, there is a special corner in hell for men who have children and don’t take care of them.

But then again, there wouldn’t be ‘dead beat fathers’ if there were no careless women who get pregnant with questionable men, right?

Ladies, I think it is time we got a few things right. You see, the thing with women is that we have that unique in-built sixth sense that God gave us because he knew this world would be full of irresponsible dimwits who just want to take you for a ride.

God knew when he created a woman that she would be tossed into a man’s world, where men think they can do anything and get away with it.

That sixth sense, combined with common sense was God’s secret weapon for you as you groped in a world full of mongrels and salivating hyenas.

So it makes me really mad that you, as a woman, do not use your sixth sense in picking out a man to have a baby with.

If you are dating a man who drinks himself silly, urinates on the tire of his car and can barely walk because he is too drunk, how on earth do you decide to have his baby?

I have no personal issue with young women who date married men. Really, that is none of my business and who am I to judge?

But why have a baby with him, knowing too well that he has two other children with yet another woman?


Last week, I talked about women who date politicians and rich businessmen as I walked you through the whole process from glory to grass when he finally dumps you.

It is easier to tell a man who would dump you once he impregnates you.

The tell-tale signs are normally there, and they all have to do with if he is responsible or not.

And then there are those ladies who try to trap a man. So cliché! A little secret girls, if a man wants to stay, nothing will keep him away and if he wants to go, nothing—not even a baby—can make him stay.

A baby, no matter how cute or adorable cannot make him stay, so be done with using that little innocent tot as leverage to get his attention.

To those jilted ladies who have been left high and dry with babies on their backs, please preserve your dignity and know when it is time to let sleeping dogs lie.

Yes, you made a grave mistake and got pregnant with this jamaawho can not zip up.

He has made it crystal clear that he wants nothing to do with you and your brood.

It is difficult raising a child alone, but that doesn’t warrant you to embarrass yourself on social media or show up at his workplace–baby in tow–screaming and shouting what an irresponsible man he is.

Be honourable. Sober up. Chart the way forward. Have some dignity. Have some pride. Be strong and take it in your stride.

He left you with a baby, so what? Nobody has died because of taking care of their children.
You can raise that tot by yourself. Yes, you can, drama free. Show that idiot that you don’t give a hoot whether he is in the picture or not.

Show him your child can thrive without him. Move on, date if you like, and get married if you fall in love.

Live and love without bitterness; smile, enjoy life and don’t be rattled by his misbehaviour. Nothing pains a man more than knowing that you don’t need him to be happy.
And when he calls to say hello to his kids, hand the phone to your current man and let the two bulls square it out.

Njoki Chege


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  1. njoki chege….. really!…u make no sense gal…am married n stays with the dad’s son…but i feel those ladys who were left just because they got pregnant…those type of men are the stupid ones…becoz when they are dating they are so good,wait until they hear u say ure paged…and exposing them its not the ladys are saying they need them back…No! No!…dont get them wrong…its to help onother lady from falling to the same trap of those idiot men…so u know what Njoki you are just as stupid as those dead beat daddy’s…shame on u…and next time think before you talk…mannerless..

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