Why ladies should not date Dudes who listen to Riddimz.

Dudes who listen to Riddimz.
No self respecting person would ever go near this poor excuse for a music genre! It is atrocious! If you are over 20 years and still listening to this crap, you need to evaluate your life’s decisions. You are a disgrace to the human race! Your mother didn’t carry you in the womb for nine months to listen to riddimz! In high school it was acceptable because you were a wimpy ass sissy who couldn’t stand on your own two feet so when riddimz became ‘the thing’ you shamelessly followed the crowd. Plus you lived in eastlando so you didn’t know any better.
Your taste in music (or lack of) speaks volumes about you. Riddimz just scream unsophisticated, uncultured and uncivilized. That is not a combination you want in a future spouse. Whenever I see a grown man still cranking riddimz, I die a little inside. Just when you are beginning to think it can’t possibly get any worse, he greets you in a fake Jamaican dialect! I can’t.

People who listen to riddimz have deep-seated emotional issues. Someone probably touched them where they shouldn’t have when they were young.


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