Why kenyan ladies should not date short guy

I cannot date a short guy. No, I just can’t. I will friend-zone you even before I learn your name. When a short guy tries to chat me up, I get this inexplicable impulse to reach down and pat him on the head like you would a puppy. We cant be in a relationship and I am towering over you in my seven inch heels! I will look down on you: literally and figuratively. It just wouldn’t work.
How am I supposed to get romantic with a short dude? The best part about making about making out is when you tip toe and your guy lifts you up into him. You cant do that with a short guy! What with him barely making it above your boobs! The 69 position is also definitely out of the question with a short guy! I cant explain it. It is maths. Something about angles and symmetry.
You know when a guy embraces you and you settle perfectly on his chest? Not with a short guy! He will hanging on awkwardly around your boobs trying not to suffocate in your cleavage.
So you see, it is nothing personal. I just cant date short dudes!
broke niggas.
I have my own definition of a broke nigga. If you make less than me, you are a broke nigga! I make a pretty tidy sum at the end of the month FYI. That pretty much eliminates three quarters of the eligible (read tall ) blokes hot on my heels. But hey, a brother can dream.
Ladies, if you have ever accepted to go on a date at a fast food joint, get down on your knees and repent for you have sinned. I will be damned if I ever let a guy take me to Mc frys for a date. And just because it sounds fancy doesn’t make it any less of a fast food joint so ditto for steers, KFC galitos and chicken inn. I am not coming to your house to eat the microwaved leftovers of your mother’s mashed potatoes either.
I expect a guy to treat me to a nice meal in a fancy restaurant that doesn’t have pictures in the menu!
The reason is simple; I ain’t lowering my standards for no nigga! You should be able to top what I can do for myself. But that is just me. What do you think?


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