how to make 9 million Ksh this year

A story was narrated at this years centonomy open day about a communications professional who in spite of earning a healthy six figure salary,found himself saddled with debts every month. In fact,every end month he waited patiently on pay day for the accountant in his office to go to the bank to activate salaries, and he even knew exactly what time they would arrive in bank accounts of different banks so that he could reassure his friends that he would pay them their money in good time.

Fed up with his lifestyle, this professional, who through applying lessons learned from the centonomy course was able to take charge of his finances, and even create investments that gave him revenues exceeding  kKsh 9,000,000 (about USD 100,000) in one year!Yes, one year!!And there was no get rich schemes, no sleepless nights, no illegal activities;but a matter of better planning ,attitude adjustment, resourcefulness and utilising skill, talents and even hobbies that already existed. It will be scary to figure out what you are worth, to trace what you spend your money on, and to realise what you need to sustain your lifestyle into retirement. The other option is to just continue as you are and get surprised by what you earn in old age (just ask someone over 65 what they get from their retirement benefits).

This is just one of many great stories that were shared at that and other forums for personal development.It is real evidence that you …yes you can have abundance in your life!No more, “I’m so broke’ or “I need more money” or borrowing money left and right to sustain your lifestyle. Instead, picture yourself in your dream house, living your dream lifestyle, taking exotic holidays, wearing the clothes you love everyday of the year for the rest of your life. Then,with some fear we will admit, take the first step, start educating yourself on your finances.

Waceke Nduati, who is the Personal Financial Trainer behind the centonomy series explains the basic principles behind looking at your finances with a sober mind, and making changes that could well mean the difference between dire poverty, and long term sustainable wealth, and with it, freedom to live the life that you choose.


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