Successful entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs know that it’s impossible to predict customers’ behavior in a vacuum. The only way to gain information about whether clients are interested in a product is to interact with them and find small opportunities as soon as possible in order to test their behavior.jjj

Success and happiness are both about making the right moves, making the right decisions, over and over again. That’s all there is to it, like it or not.

You have to be in the game consistently for a long, long time to be successful. There’s no quick fix and no shortcuts. If you try to win big with a few quick high-risk trials, there’s a very good chance you’ll lose everything.

You can sometimes bluff others, but never bluff yourself. No matter how successful you are, never forget the odds. Never forget your limitations. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. Keep it real.

The most important thing to remember is this: win or be successful , make the right choices s over and over. Winning in business and in life is exactly the same: consistently make good decisions.


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