3 Things To NEVER Say To A Man (Unless You Want To Be Alone)…


3 Things To NEVER Say To A Man (Unless You Want To Be Alone)…


– Contributed by – Randy Bennett, a licensed relationship expert.


2) Any suggestion that he has a lack of interest in family time: “You work such long hours, the kids and I never see you. You spend more time at your job than you do with your family!”

3) Any accusation of a lack of contribution to the household: “Why not help around the house more? You give all your energy to your career, but nothing left over for the unglamorous tasks like laundry.”

These kinds of criticisms strike at the very core of men, because they are touching on our deep, subconscious need to succeed in these areas. So if your man’s job is causing challenges in your home, try to not criticize him about that, but work with him, if you want to win his heart. If you are critical about his abilities to be a breadwinner, he is going to feel discouraged.

But please notice, this is NOT to make excuses for your man’s poor behavior or responses. And it’s not to say that you need to “give in” to his worst tendencies. Quite the opposite…

You have the ability to make real change here: You can either help him to become more successful by complimenting and supporting his hard efforts, or you can be critical and ripping into him all the time, which will make him want to go off into a corner and lick his wounds. So what do you say instead?


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