Kid Confidential: Malia Obama Attends First Prom

Kid Confidential: Malia Obama Attends First Prom
June 1, 2014 2:00 pm By Chelcee Johns

On Friday evening, President Obama sat down with “Live with Kelly and Michael” and revealed his oldest daughter, 15-year-old Malia Obama went to prom for the first time. Malia is in tenth grade and already attending the coveted teen dance. But dad wouldn’t give the details on who she went with, calling it “classified information.”

Can you imagine being a teen boy and having to pull up the White House and meet the President to take out your date? Seems both cool and slightly scary. And not to mention, the kind of security the young boy would have to go through. But, what an experience!

President Obama seemed to deflect any suspense that he’d be the stern dad asking a million questions regarding his Malia. “I’m not too intimidating… I don’t think.”

However, President Obama did speak on seeing his little girl in heels for the first time after making a few facial expressions. He went on to say it was “a little bit jarring” but the sophomore looked beautiful.

We’re hoping to get a glance of what she wore soon as Malia is known for her fashion savvy choices – taking after mom, First Lady Michelle Obama! For now, we’ll take a look back at a few of our fav stylish moments below from the teen.


All the ladies looking chic during Inauguration weekend!

Obama And Family Go To Sunday Church

Malia mixes prints just right!


Adding a pop of metallic with this skater skirt as the family exits plane.
First lady Michelle Obama receives the 2011 White House Christmas Tree

Malia stays classy while adding a little grunge with military boots and a chiffon blouse – the pup is a great accessory as well.
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