“Hook up street” the best way to score a date

Most youth are now turning to online hook ups It is prime time and a catchy commercial beams the TV screen, and there goes a picture of a gorgeous damsel, her seductive dare white eyes piercing right into your heart. It is a dating hook call brother. Get out your phone and step up to the challenge. Over here, the sexual glow and the mellow voice is beckoning lonely hearts into this world of fantasy in which they can hook up with their dream dates through the phone without revealing their real phone numbers. Forget the University Divas for Rich Men last year’s popular online dating buzz, telephone dating and fling hook-ups is the new dating craze in town, a new frontier that has provided thousands of Pulsers an opportunity to hook up with their dream dates through calling and text dating services (or in the technical world the IVR-Interactive Voice Response and SMS Dating Service). This service is currently offered by a number of Premium Rate Service Providers (PRSPs) and from the numerous marketing, promotions and advertisements running on the media, it is a service that has won the hearts of many lonely souls. “A person dials the dating number, registers his or her profile, suggests the kind of person he or she wants to talk to. Another person does the same and if their profiles match then they are connected to each other and can talk to each other without revealing their phone numbers and identities,” explains Lawrence Muriuki, the director at Advanta Africa Ltd, a PRSP company offering the dating service


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