City lustful men lose cash in traps by married women

You met in a restaurant. She was the picture of beauty, grace and innocence. The two of you hit it off instantly as they say. You met twice then thrice for coffee then lunch. And then ‘dinner’ was set. Her place place or yours, she asked. Now hold it right there. You could be walking straight into the clutches of a vicious and ruthless gang of extortionists who use sex to lure unsuspecting victims. Months ago, a well-respected Kenyan hid under a bed in full Brioni suit, his pistol already cocked as the girl he was having a fling with made out with a former senior cop in bed. The celebrated Kenyan had been invited for an afternoon tea in the pretty woman’s pad when, unexpectedly, the cop who was also dating her, turned up. The cop walked in, loosened his suit and placed his three pistols on the table. He then hit the sheets with the girl, and when he was done, quickly dressed and left oblivious of the fellow under the bed. Survived to tell his story Being a crammed servant’s quarter, he was lucky a sneeze from dust and discomfort from the action above him didn’t give him away. He survived to tell a tale, but who knows what could have happened had the cop found him out. Dating in Nairobi can be a dangerous affair. Even for born city players, it’s hard to tell whether you are the one being played.


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