Black women, white women are superior to you – your very own actions declare it


In the following article, the author takes black women head on, pointing out what he believes they do wrong, before appealing to them to go back to their roots and be themselves. He argues that:

– Black women are copying and imitating white women, a move that shows that a white woman is superior.

– Many black women have turned into brute wild uncontrollable beasts.- The modern day western black woman has reduced herself down to a sexual object.- Many black women have adopted the art of violence. While women are supposed to be the fairer sex, black women in general have lost all sense of compassion. They will encourage a brawl rather than stop one.We would like to invite our readers to go through this article carefully, with an open mind, and then react to the issues being raised by the author.

Since black women are being challenged here…

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