Kidero slapped

Pre-saba saba fever:in the face by Ndolo- three hot Bi*ch slaps!
Nairobi governor Evans Kidero has been given three hot ‘high fives’ the face. Its alleged that Kidero was slapped by Reuben Ndolo, the former MP for Makadara for misbehaving and disrespecting Raila Odinga.

According to Kenya-Today, Kidero had refused to answer calls from Raila Odinga after it emerged that he was planning to hire out Uhuru Park to Jubilee so that CORD would not hold their saba saba rally there.

This information reached Ndolo, who is a former heavyweight boxer. Then, Ndolo started looking all over Nairobi for Kidero who was no where to be found; since he knew that the boxer was looking for him.

As fate would have it, today in the morning, Kidero was busted by Ndolo having a cup of coffee with some men at Hotel Boulevard in Nairobi. He tried to run for his life but a faster Ndolo caught up with him. He then asked Kidero why he was not answering Raila’s phone.. Without even waiting for an answer, Ndolo rained a few jabs plus 3 slaps on Kidero’s face. The other men who were with the governor ran for their dear lives.

The furious Ndolo then left and told Kidero to stop misbehaving


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