Doctor on the run ‘after overdosing women for sex’

Victim Agnes Njambi Mwangi, the Patient injured by Doctors wife touching where she was injured on the head outside the court. [PKEMOI NG’ENOH] A city medical doctor has allegedly been playing hide and seek with police after allegations of him overdosing and possibly sleeping with female patients surfaced. The authorities are looking for a certain Dr Monari of Tumaini Health Centre in Embakasi, to confirm validity of his license, allegations of overdosing female patients, and if he is registered or quack. His alleged misconduct came into the limelight mid last month after his wife, Jenifer Monari, assaulted a patient she found locked in Dr Monari’s room. Dr Monari’s 29-year-old wife was charged in a city court on June 17 for allegedly assaulting Agnes Njambi Mwangi. Agnes, 22, was a patient at Tumaini Health Centre. Jeniffer, however, denied the allegations and was set free on Sh10, 000 bail. Her case will be heard on October 2. Njambi had gone to the clinic two weeks prior to the incident for a family planning injection by Dr Monari, according to statements she gave the police. The injections allegedly had side effects including backaches, headaches and nausea for more than 10 days


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