RAILA ODINGA SHOCKS Kenyans at Nairobi’s PANAFRIC HOTEL- Look at what he did.

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Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader, Raila Odinga, shocked patrons and revelers at Panafric Hotel on Thursday night, when he demanded that they stop watching the Ghana versus Portugal football game and instead watch the match between United States and Germany.


The patrons and revelers were shocked to learn that Raila Odinga who brags that he is a Pan-Africanist like late Nelson Mandela even attempted to manhandle one of the patrons, who refused that the TV channel be switched for him to watch US versus Germany.
The patron, who was rescued by the hotel‘s manager, later questioned Raila Odinga’s Pan-Africanism ideals saying he only demonstrated to Kenyans that he is only a “puppet of the West”.
“He has told us before that he is a Pan-Africanist, how can that be the case when he decides to support non- African teams?” said an angry patron who was later reprimanded for undermining the authority of “the People’s President”.

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