Meet the ASS KARI who has caused the public Uproar


A certain police woman on Kiambu road has caught the public eye, not sure whether its for a good or bad reason. The officer in question has her photos making rounds on the internet thanks to her tight skirt.


Apparently the lady cop is stationed on Kiambu road and has been raising eyebrows for a while but the insanity started when she landed on the papers over the weekend, officially becoming a debate with Kenyans on social media coming up with all kinds of funny phrases to describe her including ‘The security is very TIGHT’ to referring to her as an ‘Ass Kari’.




This coming after the said police reforms which had even stated that female officers will not be allowed to wear make up or any kind of jewelries have left many with unanswered questions with the crucial one being how well she can perform in her tight skirt.

On the bright side, she has more men willing to be arrested than before. That aside, here are the photos making rounds online:


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