President Uhuru Was Right,Raila Is Behind Mpeketoni Massacre.EU Ambassador Says

The European Union (EU) has supported the President Of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta’s sentiments  that the Mpeketoni Massacre was well planned Political Killings .
Through EU’s ambassador to Kenya, Briet Lodwijk,The EU said they support President Kenyatta’s assertions that the Mpeketoni terror attack were politically instigated.
Briet said the charged political temperatures in the country might have led to the spate of violence and crimes in part of the country.
“I agree with the President that the violence in Mpeketoni was as a result political inflammatory statements being fueled by the OPPOSITION,”the Ambassador said.
Lodwijk also said that the former PM ,Raila Odinga,is holding the country hostage by calling for Saba Saba rallies that will not add value to the lives of Kenyans.
“Such imature statements are not helpful,especially to the country that is fighting to restore stability,”he said.
However the envoy denied rumors that Raila Odinga’s three month visit to the US had hidden agenda of destabilizing Kenya.


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