CORD Threatens to Name The Attackers if GOVT Wont

Coalition For Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leaders have sensationally claimed the the Govt of Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto is hiding something over the recent Mpeketoni attacks where more than 60 lives have been lost to alleged Al Shabaab  attackers.
Addresing the Press on Monday ,CORD leader, Moses Wetangula,raised suspicion over UhuRuto  move to hurriedly pin the attacks on the Opposition and foreclose investigations even before they begin.
Wetangula told Uhuru / Ruto to come out clean and explain to Kenyans what indeed happened at Mpeketoni that left over 60 people dead.Image
He also said that he knows what happened on that Monday night and threatened to spill  the beans over the deadly attack if Huru/ Ruto  will not tell Kenyans the truth and stop blaming Raila Odinga for their failures.
“Uhuru and Ruto want to hide the truth about Mpeketoni terror attack.They want to foreclose investigations with claims that Raila Odinga’s CORD is responsible for attacks following Sunday’s Tononoka rally which they say incited the attacks,”Said Wetangula.


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