Big brother watching

Big brother watching

“If you want to know what your partner is up to, and the mobile provider’s log only shows communication with family members and friends, it’s time for Juju.” Juju can listen in on all calls a person makes and trace their location. It also spies on phone activities on the Internet. “All these are available in an online portal which shows the phone’s location, videos sent or received, records all calls made and any other activities,” says Ndegwa, adding that “and the good thing is that the owner of the phone will never suspect anything since the software is undetectable.” More often, Ndegwa said, the phone is given to a suspect as a gift with the software already installed. This could be a philandering hubby, wife or fiancée. “You give me the phone, I install the software and then you can give it to the person and then, just like a real spy, the software will start recording and relaying to the portal all activities of the phone,” he says.


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